Government Reg. No. 400/67
Social Welfare Council No. 31086

Monday, April 12, 2010

Application Process

Our application process typically takes one or two days. Please copy the given below application form and fill up this and then email us at:

Application Form

Please fill in all required fields.

Personal Data

* Your Name
* Date of Birth {mm/dd/yy}
* Sex
* Marital Status
* Nationality
* Address
* Occupation
* Education Level
* Telephone
* Fax
* Email Address

Program Information

* Why do you want to do volunteers service ?

* When do you want to start?

* How long would you like to volunteer?

* What type of service do you wish to do? (Any 2)

Teaching English
Environment Awareness
Primary Health Care Support
Homestay and Cultural Exchange
Women Empowerment
Orphanage Support
Monastary Experience
Sustainable and Ecological Agriculture

* Please describe any relevant experience you may have regarding your selections above.

* Any special conditions regarding your service that VEX Nepal should be aware of?

* How did you find us?

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